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Oak Grove Church is eager to provide links to our past sermons and videos. You can browse the selection below to keep up with the teaching ministry.

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Here is where you can watch sermon videos from Pastor Bobby. Feel free to share these sermons with friends and family. We are still in the process of building our video/media to bring you up to date weekly sermons. Until then we have posted some older sermons from Pastor Bobby that you can view.
Christmas Eve Evening Message (Dr. Wagner’s short Christmas Eve Message. Poor sound quality)
The Indescribable Gift  (Dr. Wagner’s Christmas Eve  Morning Service 2017. Sound is bad, not done professionally)
The Indescribable Gift of Peace Dr. Wagner’s Candle of peace, 2017. Bad sound, not professionally done.
True ID   (Heart of Dr. Wagner’s book Identity Crisis)
Ultimate ID   (Romans 8:28, Dr. Wagner)
(Again, same sermon as above,  Dr. Wagner’s book 
Identity Crisis)

Identity of Glory Dr. Bobby Wagner 2/2016

Finding Peace      Dr. Bobby Wagner 12/2015

  (NARRATIVE SERMON One of Pastor Bobby’s favorite older sermons) 
 (TOPICAL SERMON Another one of Pastor Bobby’s favorite older sermons) 


More Than A Substitute

(EXPOSITORY SERMON Pastor Bobby’s first sermon.

Video Sermon Archive

We publish each sermon but feel free to share.

Show Me Your Glory


More Than A Substitute


Know Your Enemy Part 1

 (TOPICAL SERMON A older sermon that has tremendous importance) 

Know Your Enemy Part 2


Grace Is To Amazing

 (EXPOSITORY SERMON A sermon that talks about the depths of God’s grace. PURE GOSPEL MESSAGE. RECEIVE JESUS) 

Steps To Victory