Where? What? When?




Wednesday night Bible Study at 6:30pm. 


 Pastor Bobby will be leading us in short bible studies over the next few weeks. Come be a part of Wednesday evening  and learn something new!

Walk Through The Bible – Sunday Nights @ 5:30PM

Brother Bob recognizes that every believer needs to be grounded in the truths of God’s Word, each Sunday evening, Brother Bob explores God’s word in a practical way. This study is a valuable way to understand the content and themes of the Bible. Bob talks verse by verse through different passages of the Bible that petains to certain subject matter. These times of practical verse by verse study are both encouraging and informative, equipping members to better know and serve God. Brother Te also also leads us in some wonderful Hymnns of the faith.


Sunday Morning Sunday School 9:45 am

 Come join Brother Tony or Brother Ed in two of our wonderful adult Sunday School lessons. Both of them have styles that are their own and we are sure you will find one of the Sunday School classes to fit your needs. (There are other classes for youth and all children.)